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Saturday morning Alexander Technique Practice online

Some think of the Alexander Technique as a ‘way’ for growing in consciousness and making changes for an improved life experience. The relationship we have with our self and the natural world around us is a unified field. It's designed to be innately supportive while we experience continuous changes in balance, a multitude of stimuli to respond to moment by moment---including world events. Imagine, getting to choose a response to world events and not only be at the effect of them. Let's meet Saturday mornings at 11am for 90 minutes and explore!  


Private one to one Lessons Online

There's nothing like a little personal attention. Whether you want to understand the Alexander Technique better and how utilizing what you learn can improve your life or you want specific Qigong movements to address an issue you are having I'm happy to spend time with you to share my expertise and keen observation for feedback.

Fees and Payments processes

Choose your topic of interest from the list below. 

(It's ok to combine a few): 

  • Alexander Technique 
  • Tai Chi 
  • Qigong 
  • Meditation

Online Classes: 

$15-25 per class

$60-100 per month   

Private Lessons: 

30 Minute Private Lesson online via Zoom is $55

60 minute Private Lesson online via Zoom is $85

Six - 1 hour lesson package via Zoom:


Payments can be made via:

Venmo: @Jamee-Culbertson


Cash App: $jameec


Paypal address: (Universal Tao Boston)

Read "The Joy of Hand Washing"

Tips from an Alexander Technique moment of awareness. 

Finding Flow


A Natural Flow

There is a natural flow to all of life. This ‘flow’ also runs through your entire body in a clear fluid way. The stress of living in the modern world can impede this flow and therefore living peacefully is interrupted. Once you know what to do and what not to do, you can find the ease you seek simply because it is part of the human design. Doing less is a road to achieving more.  


Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is a tool for transformation, a ‘way’ for growing in consciousness and making changes to better your life. Some people come for lessons in the Alexander Technique because they hurt and are looking for relief. Others come because they want to become more proficient in an activity. Either way, the Alexander Technique provides a way to access a deep inner flow that simply makes life easier! 


Tao Practices

Learning Meditation, Qigong, (chi kung), and Tai Chi is one of the best things I've kept doing over the last few decades. I've experienced fluid changes in my state of mind, movement, activities and perspective. Life has become easier and full of choice. It is my great joy and honor to pass on these teachings to my students. Why? Because they work!

All About Jamee

Jamee Culbertson

Jamee is an Internationally Certified Alexander Technique Instructor and teacher-trainer offering lessons in the Boston area for over 25 years.

Jamee is also a Senior Instructor at the Universal Tao Boston, School of Taoist Practices teaching classes and workshops in Tai Chi, Chi Kung and ancient meditation techniques.

Choices of Study

  • Alexander Technique
  • Tai Chi
  • Chi Kung
  • Meditation
  • Synthesized practice
  • Customized personal plan

Where and How?

Teaching happens regularly in Woburn, Somerville and Concord, Massachusetts. Private lessons are by appointment only. As well, classes can be conducted online via the Zoom live video platform.

Workshops span areas globally in Canada, Mexico, Thailand and more.

Weekly Tai Chi Classes


Currently Classes are being taught online.

Details for the online classes can be found on this link.

Below are regular weekly classes held on site when they begin again:


 8am Brighton  tai chi class

10am Mt Auburn Club tai chi class

4pm Beth Israel (BDIMC) Hospital tai chi class


8am Brighton  tai chi class

10am Beth Israel (BDIMC) Hospital tai chi class

6pm Beth Israel (BDIMC) Hospital tai chi class


Marie Favorito teaches at the Universal Tao Boston School for Taoist Practices. 

9:30am Qigong

10:30am Tai Chi

11:30am Meditation

Classes are held iat 11 Bow Street in Somerville

Specialized Courses


100 Day Practice

3 times a year we meet for 100 days to practice something we want to get better at. You choose what you want to practice and we'll hold that space with you for accountability and guidance. For more information click here.


Posture of Consciousness

This workshop combines principles of the Alexander Technique with 'Iron Shirt' Chi Kung Postures helping one to 'take a stand' in your life with relaxed confidence.  "It's not  the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it"  (Vicki and Lisa, students).


Tai Chi Coordinates, 13 Points of Power

In this class we'll also explore our innate connection to the Universe while practicing methods of consciously accessing this universal connection. The meaning of 'power' in this context means the ability to move. Learn 13 points in and around the body that generate life force energy. This can be understood as part of our 'energetic anatomy'. This 13 point matrix improves clarity, coordination and deepens  present moment awareness. 

The joy of hand washing

written by AT Teacher/trainer Jamee Culbertson

These days washing your hands can happen multiple times a day and certainly much more often than only one month ago. 

I’m using my hand washing time to come back to myself. What does that mean? If my focus is predominantly on worldly matters or, if my attention is on my thoughts or worries about a future I cannot predict anyway, I am not fully available to present moment information to base my reality and decisions on. That would be better.

I began my journey with the Alexander Technique nearly 30 years ago. Alexander principles play a large part in my awareness. Where am I in space? What choices do I have in this moment? Am I aware of the ground underneath me? My Alexander Technique training has taught me how gravity does not have to be oppressive. In fact gravity is my #1 support system! 

When I’m washing my hands I get a chance to slow down and step away from the agenda of ‘doing things’ throughout my day, whatever my task list is.

Because I’m instructed to wash them with hot soapy water for at least 20 seconds it gives me a break to explore sensory awareness. All of a sudden I feel like I have more time! The water feels really good while I’m getting a good lather going with the soap. The contact I feel with my two hands helps me realize where my feet are. I pause and take a breath. 

During these days of covid19 washing my hands is a way to offer service to humanity. It’s never been so clear that taking care of myself is taking care of others.

As a teacher of the Alexander Technique I have an opportunity to support others by helping them find the depth of their own support. That’s my job. And nothing about it works if I am not enabling access to the innate depth of support for myself first.  

The support I speak of is built into our natural design as humans, within the human body that enables us to be in an engaged relationship to gravity. In doing so we can all feel light on our feet no matter how much you weigh. 

The relationship we have with our self and the natural world around us is a unified field, it's designed to be one that is innately supportive while we experience continuous changes in balance, a multitude of stimuli to respond to moment by moment-- including world events. It’s a design made for developing consciousness. Imagine, I get to choose my response to world events and not only be at the effect of them.

Ok, 20 seconds are up. Washing my hands is like hitting a reset button! I’m refreshed and ready for what’s next.



A Major Blessing

Alexander Technique

A Major Blessing

"Let me tell you, I have experienced many seminar leaders,  therapists, etc., etc.and you are really great!  I was very impressed with you!  I regard it as a major blessing to know you and to have had this experience!  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Rock On!” ~ Bill  

Warm and Magical

Alexander Technique

A Major Blessing

"After the first day I realized I was already looking forward to the next class. First, because learning from  Jamee is a privilege. And second because I so enjoy being in the same room with her. The energy she creates and the space she provides for each student is warm and magical. Learn all you can from this intuitive, generous teacher!" ~ Harry

Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique

“Infinite thanks to you! Certainly I have been very fortunate to have so many transformational experiences, and this one was certainly one of the very best!"  ~ Jane

13 Points of Power

100 Days of Practice

Alexander Technique

"The 13 Points of Power is insightful. Jamee welcomes the individual & class to explore movement using ancient and current methods to bring about ease and a sense of clearer awareness. Exploring intentional movement using the 13 Points of Power was very integrating to the whole use of self. It was really really good." ~ Diana

100 Days of Practice

100 Days of Practice

100 Days of Practice

"Wow, I can't believe we completed our 100 days already. Woohoo! 100 days! This  was a huge accomplishment. I am convinced my commitment to daily practice helped me get through a recent personal tragedy more than anything else!  I'm really happy for all that I learned along the way.  Thanks Jamee for making this happen again! PEACE " ~ Mary

Open and Inviting

100 Days of Practice

100 Days of Practice

"The class is not only geared toward teachers and trainees but for everyone who wants to increase their awareness. Taking the students through simple Tai Chi movements and including the Alexander Technique for ease and poise has proven to be a very effective way to open your mind and the body. I left the class feeling thoroughly worked and yet calmly refreshed. Jamee’s open and inviting approach made us long for more exploration. Can’t wait to do it again. " ~ Tess

Online Learning

Meet via Video

Online lesson via video are surprisingly effective! Let's connect and customize a learning strategy for you.

Online Courses

I've produced online courses for Marie Favorito, Director of the Universal Tao Boston, School of Taoist Practices. Together we created a number of qigong programs, tai chi and meditation courses you can study and practice with or online. 

Click here to take a closer look. at the Universal Tao Boston, School of Taoist Practices online courses.


Universal Tao Boston

Boston Conservatory at Berklee College

Boston Conservatory at Berklee College

Our School of Taoist Studies is located at 11 Bow Street, Somerville, Massachusetts.  Courses include Tai Chi, Chi Kung and ancient Inner Alchemy meditation techniques.

Boston Conservatory at Berklee College

Boston Conservatory at Berklee College

Boston Conservatory at Berklee College

Teacher trainer at the Alexander Technique Teacher Training Course at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee College of Music. Movement awareness through Tai Chi.

North of Boston

North of Boston

North of Boston

Private Lessons offered in Somerville and Woburn, Massachusetts by appointment only. 

West of Boston

North of Boston

North of Boston

Private Lessons offered at Healing Crossroads. The address is: 42 Thoreau Street, Concord, Massachusetts.

Extended Outreach


Rosie's Place

I participate in the 'Loving Yourself' day at the first women's shelter in the United States. Their mission is to provide a safe and nurturing environment that helps poor and homeless women. 


Harvard University

I participate as an instructor for Tai Chi studies with Harvard University in association with Dr. Peter Wayne.   I am First Aid CPR AED Certified with the American Heart Association.  


Home Base

I taught tai chi in the Home Base program associated with Mass General Hospital for wounded Veterans suffering with PTSD.   

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